tasteless, odorless, fully water-soluble cannabinoids

tasteless, odorless, fully water-soluble cannabinoidstasteless, odorless, fully water-soluble cannabinoids

Trait Biosciences Inc. North America’s leading research laboratory in hemp and cannabis innovations, has unveiled a suite of truly water-soluble cannabinoids that can be produced at commercial scale for the food, beverage and nutraceutical industries. We hope that you enjoy this tasteless odorless fully water-soluble cannabinoids post.

The breakthrough involved more than two years of research by more than 40 scientists and researchers at the company’s facility in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The water-soluble cannabinoids are now available in the form of a clear liquid and powder — either of which can be blended into water and are ideal for the development of premier quality cannabinoid-infused beverages and edible products.

Trait’s water-soluble cannabinoids can be easily and predictably absorbed into the bloodstream, as well as uniformly suspended and blended into a broad range of health and wellness, nutraceutical, and consumer products.

By transforming fat-based cannabinoids to water-soluble cannabinoids, Trait’s patented platform solves key challenges the cannabis industry has been facing. These benefits include:

  • Eliminating the need to use nano-technologies to mix fat-based cannabinoids into products. Nano-particles have been linked to health concerns because they may penetrate the blood-brain barrier and have been known to accumulate in organs. See the health issues explained here.
  • Improving onset time because water-soluble cannabinoids efficiently enter the bloodstream, much like the body metabolizes sugar or alcohol. Fat-based cannabinoids must be absorbed by the lower intestine, delaying onset times significantly.
  • Provides superior stability, quality assurance and product shelf life.  Eliminating the so-called salad-dressing effect, in which fat-based cannabinoids separate or glob together in beverage and foods, making it difficult to spread cannabinoids uniformly in products, essential to predict dosages.
  • Delivering tasteless, odor-free and clear cannabis and hemp products.  Trait’s breakthrough effectively eliminates the taste and odor issues associated with fat-based cannabinoids.

“This is the breakthrough our team has been working toward for almost two years,” said Trait’s Chief Science Officer Dr. Richard Sayre. “There is nothing like it in the industry.  It’s a clear, tasteless and odor-free cannabis extract that can be easily added to consumer products, nutraceuticals and future medicines.”

“It’s essential that when people ingest a CBD or THC-based product that they know exactly how much they are taking, and what the onset time will be, not dissimilar to predicting the effect of alcohol when you have a glass of wine,” said Sayre. “Until now, nobody could promise that. Our Trait science team has now made this possible with this breakthrough in making water-soluble cannabinoids that are approximately one million times more water-soluble than cannabinoids now being used. This will revolutionize how cannabinoids are used in consumer products.”

Trait’s scientific team has been working on a water-soluble cannabinoid transformation process for more than two years under the direction of Sayre, an internationally recognized crop scientist who has been named by the prestigious scientific journal Nature as one of the five people who could change the world. In addition to Trait, Sayre is part of NASA’s team researching crops for a Mars mission and from 2005-2010 he served as director of the BioCassava Plus Program, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to add nutritional value to the cassava plant that is a staple of many African countries.

“A truly water-soluble cannabinoid is what the industry has been looking for,” said Trait CEO Peter McDonough. “Our technology will enable the industry to safely and reliably develop cannabinoid infused products that can be trusted and enjoyed within beverages, edibles and nutraceuticals. We are actively engaged in discussions with partners to produce premier quality, low-cost, water-soluble cannabinoids at commercial scale and believe our cannabinoids will be the catalyst for a broad new range of trusted, quality cannabinoid-infused products.”

Trait Biosciences

With a team of internationally recognized scientists who are applying best-in-class technology and agricultural science, Trait Biosciences is an emerging biotechnology leader in the Hemp & Cannabis industry. Its consumer technology platforms provide breakthrough IP and science, which produce enhanced cannabinoids featuring predictable onset timing, superior bioavailability, extended stability and improved taste.  Trait’s patent-pending technology includes a process for generating water-soluble cannabinoids that does not rely on emulsion or nanotechnology.  The company’s agricultural technologies increase crop yields and plant safety, including ultra high yield “Super Producer” plants which dramatically increase a plant’s natural cannabinoid productivity, and its RNAi crop protection technology, which eliminates the need for pesticides or fungicides, providing higher quality safer CBD infused nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products.

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