how to vaporize weed

how to vaporize weed

how to vaporize weed

Since they hit the cannabis industry, vaporizers (AKA vapes) have grown into a sort of cultural icon in the scene. Not only is vaping dry herb safe but it is a no-brainer; vapes are a tastier, healthier and more effective way to consume dry herb and other cannabinoid extracts. We hope that you enjoy this how to vaporize weed post.

In spite of the well-known benefits of vaporizing marijuana or vaporizing cannabis, there's still those who like to smoke. Perhaps they aren't aware of how easy it is to actually consume cannabis by vaporizing it. We'll give you a walkthrough of the process including everything you will want to know about vaping weed before you get going.

How Do You Do it? How to inhale weed vape? What is Vaping Cannabis?

Vaporizing cannabis is one way to consume cannabis extracts or pot flowers through the use of an electronic device called a vaporizer. Vaping weed has shown to be much more health-protecting than inhaling smoke, which is the reason the Volcano vaporizer was recently recommended by Health Canada as a healthy method of pot consumption. Do you know how to inhale weed vape?

How to Vaporize Weed – Vaporizer Parts & Terms to Know


Understanding how your atomizer works will allow you to know the most vital part of your vaporiser. The atomizer usually is made up of a small tube and includes a coil. As you push the button to power the coil, it warms up and generates vapor from the herb in the container. I use a weed atomizer for vape mod.


The technical term above has a very easy definition: it means heating the vaporizer when the atomizer coils are at a resistance of less than 1 ‘ohm'. Put simply, if the coils are getting less resistance, the more intense and cloudy the vapor from your device will be. People might promise how much more flavor you'll get, but everyone who does it likes enjoys the fact that you can fill the room with vapor. It's worth it to note that sub-ohming with immaculate care is best as it puts potential stress on your vaporizer and there's an inherent danger of injury. It's not a beginning method at any rate.

Best Vape Pens


When you're wondering what the primary component of your vaporiser is, think ‘coil'. The coil is usually made up of a compressed tube that includes two heads. One's positive and one's negative and effectively touches the battery and the pot at the same time.

• Replacements: It's best to change the coil when you notice it's taking longer to heat up or isn't delivering as big or dense of hits. This is heavily dependant on how often you use your vape.

• Interchangeability: Coils are interchangeable, but different manufacturers use various resistances or sizes for coils, so disparate brands are going to be non-universal. The coils could be changed with a few technical guidelines, but this is strongly inadvisable to you as a newbie.

How to Care For Your Equipment

After you've made your choices and you're satisfied, learning how to clean your device is paramount. Most kits come with a brush or other tools that you can use to maintain your equipment. People that don't clean their device end up having a bad, but preventable, experiences that are not fun at all, especially when the vaporiser equipment is pricey. A lot of users neglect to clean and care entirely and ruin the vape in the long-term.

how to vaporize weed Dry Herb & Flower VS. Oils & Concentrates

Dry Herb & Flower

Weed vaporisers in terms of dry herb devices generally come in the form of portable equipment. The handheld, portable and simple to use devices have broad varieties in themselves. Vaping dry herb is going to involve heating up and releasing vapors from the plant without carbonization. Having temperature control is uncommon unless you have a very upscale vaporizer model. If you're interested in experiencing the same flavor and/or impact as smoking, using a portable, hand-held device is going to offer similar effects as burning the herb. Be sure to keep in mind that the chemicals are being released in a different way, so the length and type of high can vary from smoking.

Concentrates & Oils

Oil vaporizers and cartridges could potentially be the most-used vaporizers available due to cost-effectiveness and clout in general. Intended to be discreet in design for use on hand, they're also called a pen vaporiser. These vaporizers can provide very strong effects with the battery powered heat they offer. Some feel the potency of vaporizers using oil seems more in-line with dabbing than smoking. Mileage varies as cartridges are unique in themselves.

Vaping vs Dabbing

Dabbing is a way to consume cannabis that's also been quite popular in the last couple years, but controversial because of how it's been affirmed that dabbing at high temperatures produces harmful colorless, clear and flammable elements like methacrolein and benzene. Getting a vaporizer that administers both extracts and dry herb is a lot wiser of an investment. Its less risky and could be carried around as often as desired.

Best Weed Vaporizing Temperatures – how to vaporize weed

The ideal temperature to vape weed is around 195°C and 210°C. A few vaporizers will give you the chance to calibrate your vape's temperature. This is wonderful since different effects come with different temperatures. The highest temperature on my vaporizer reaches 220°C, but I try to set it somewhere in the 195°C-210°C range because more than that and it makes my throat raw and less than that you don’t get the desired taste. What voltage to vape weed carts? Between 2.5 and 3 volts.

Do weed vape pens smell?

Do weed vape pens smell? Although it involves using a lower temperature than smoking, it will still leave a distinguishable smell, but not even close to a joint or a blunt, for instance. Can you smell weed vape through walls? Do weed vapes smell? Yes. Do vape pens smell like weed? Yes. Do weed vapes have nicotine? No. Does weed vape stain walls? No.

If you are concerned about vaporizing cannabis and your dry herb vaping health, then do as much research as you can to find the perfect device. We hope that you are inspired by this how to vaporize weed or vaporizing cannabis post. Happy vaping!

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