female stoners women & weed

female stoners

female stoners

female stoners women & weed

The cannabis industry is traditionally a male-dominated industry however it is rapidly growing and evolving and women are playing a major role in its development. We hope that you enjoy this female stoners women & weed post and love the female marijuanas.

female stoners / female marijuanas

Here are some notable women who are making a difference in the cannabis industry:

  • Jane West is a cannabis entrepreneur, activist, and speaker. She founded of Women Grow, a national organization for women in the cannabis industry. West is also the host of the Jane West Show which is a podcast about cannabis and culture.
  • Giadha DeCarcer is the CEO of New Frontier Data, a cannabis market research and data analytics firm as well as a leading expert on the cannabis industry, and she is frequently quoted in the media.
  • Charlo Greene is the CEO of Mary's Medicinals, a cannabis company that produces products for women's health and she advocates vocally for cannabis legalization resulting in features in several documentaries and news articles.
  • Jody Hall is the founder of Goodship, a cannabis company that produces sustainable and eco-friendly products. Hall is a pioneer in the green cannabis movement, and she is committed to making the cannabis industry more sustainable.
  • Christine Meeusen is the founder of the High Times Cannabis Cup, the world's largest cannabis festival. Meeusen is a cannabis activist and journalist, and she has been instrumental in promoting the legalization of cannabis.

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  • Lisa Snyder and Samantha Montanaro are the co-owners of Tokeativity, a cannabis education and advocacy company. Snyder and Montanaro passionately educate the public about cannabis resulting in in several media outlets providing coverage.
  • Madeline Martinez is a longtime Latinx marijuana legalization advocate, former owner of Oregon's World Famous Cannabis Cafe, and NORML Board member. Martinez is a tireless advocate for social justice and equity in the cannabis industry.
  • Ah Warner is the owner and operator of Cannabis Basics, an entirely female staffed company in addition to owning one of the first trademarks for a company that specializes in cannabis and hemp-infused products. Warner is a pioneer in the cannabis industry in addition to providing high-quality products and services to her customers.
  • Rowshan Reordan is a leading attorney entrepreneur in cannabis product safety. In addition, she founded Green Cross Labs, a cannabis product safety testing laboratory. Reordan is a passionate advocate for consumer safety and quality in the cannabis industry.
  • Wanda James is a cannabis entrepreneur and activist. She is the founder of Simply Pure, the first licensed dispensary in Colorado owned by a woman of color. James is also the co-founder of the Cannabis Industry Association of Colorado.

These are just a few of the many notable women who are making a difference in the cannabis industry in addition to making strides for weed lovers everywhere called female marijuanas activists. These women are pioneers, activists in addition to entrepreneurs paving the way for other women in the industry.

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