Saturday, 31 Jul 2021

User Security Agreement

As part of providing services, IQPC may be required to contact you by email (see our privacy policy to learn more about communications). You agree to receive account-specific emails that are necessary for the normal operation of the IQPC service, including a series of welcome emails of up to five, informing new users of the various features of the IQPC service. You also agree to have your name and/or email address in the header of some of the communications you initiate via the IQPC service. The Information Security Aspects of Business Continuity Management – Continuity and Redundancy of Information Security We also need to understand the culture of security in organizations with which we have third-party relationships. We should see evidence of security training for new recruits, as well as evidence of ongoing safety education and awareness efforts. In addition, we need to see evidence that new recruitments are carefully reviewed before they are allowed to process sensitive data. In cooperation with third parties, we must take a clear responsibility for the security of our data at all levels of government, both within our own organization and within third parties. As in our own organization, let us not be surprised if we do not communicate clearly our expectations. Such agreements are generally based on a security image of any kind, often on the Iso 27002 control categories: the IQPC service is not available to minors under the age of 18 or users who are suspended or removed from the system by IQPC for any reason.

Users should not have more than one active account. In addition, users are prohibited from selling, exchanging or transferring your IQPC account to another party. If you do not qualify, you should not use the IQPC service. Welcome to the use agreement of IQPC and its related companies. This agreement outlines the conditions under which you can access and use our services. To become an IQPC user, you must read and accept all the terms of this agreement and privacy policy. If there are any contradictions between the IQPC`s privacy policy and this user agreement, the user agreement is monitored. Nothing in this agreement is considered a third party right or benefit.

If you do not agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement, you cannot use or access our services. 17. Product Use Restrictions You recognize that you cannot use products and software in an emergency unless you use third-party security services because AJAX is not a security company and the functionality of the products and software is limited to monitoring the premises where the products are installed. You understand that the product and software are not an externally controlled emergency notification system, and AJAX does not monitor emergency alerts and does not send emergency teams to facilities where the product is installed in an emergency. You must use the software and products at your own risk. You are solely responsible (and AJAX disclaims any liability) for losses or damages resulting from the use of the Software or Product, including any losses, commitments or damage that happen to you personally, your property, your personal property (including the product, other products or devices connected to a device, computer or mobile device), data, home, housing, housing, housing or place of residence or any other establishment. AJAX customer service contact information cannot be considered a life-saving solution for people at risk in an establishment where the product is installed and/or used, and AJAX customer service should not be an appropriate substitute for emergency services. Any emergency or life-threatening situation should be reported to the appropriate response services in your country.

Compliance – Compliance with legal and contractual requirements and information security checks 23.