Saturday, 31 Jul 2021

Sample Garbage Collection Agreement

. C. Insurance coverage provided by MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY. Request on proposal dated -//c.) WHEREAS, client will organize the disposal and disposal of waste from Ohio K-12 school curricula. In WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties resulted in the agreement being executed by their duly authorized representatives from the day and the first year. CONSIDERING ____________can provide such services and are active in the area of know-how, experience, resources and the ability to collect, identify, package, labelling, decommissioning, treatment, incineration and/or disposal of this waste; CONSIDERING that the customer needs professional and other services to collect, identify, classify, label, label, transport, transport, recycle, process, incinerate and/or dispose of this waste; This agreement (agreement) will be concluded as of March _____day, 1998 by and between HAZARDOUS WASTE REMOVAL PROGRAM (Client), which is located at 420 Washington Avenue Suite 200, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221 and _____________________an _____________________which its office at A-2. Qualifications and proposal are dated