Saturday, 31 Jul 2021

Rupee Term Loan Agreement

With respect to syndicated loans, the total asset component of the project may be decided by unionized partners, but the Company limits its maximum exposure to the project to 12% of its net worth and the remainder of the loan requirements may be sanctioned by other consortium partners. “Short-term loans” are loans made by the borrower to cover capital expenditures in the aluminum and energy project. “availability period,” the period beginning with the date of the sanction letter and ending on the last business day of the sixth month following, unless the rupee lenders extend it as they see fit under the conditions they deem appropriate. “security trustee agreement”, the agreement to be concluded/to be registered between the rupee lenders, the security agent and the borrower with respect to the appointment of the security agent, its terms and other related matters, provided they can be amended or completed from time to time. List of conditions and conditions and scope and exploitation of the levy. Unless De Rupee lenders agree otherwise and are subject to the terms set by De Rupee lenders, payments will only be made during the availability period. Any amount that is not paid during the availability period, unless the Rupee Lenders agree otherwise, will be automatically cancelled. Notwithstanding the above, any part of the rupee loans not used as of March 30, 2014 may be terminated by the rupee lenders in writing to the borrower. All hardware licenses or other authorizations are revoked, revoked or suspended, and most of these licenses will not be reinstated within ninety (90) days from the date of the delay. “applicable law”: any law, law, regulation, regulation, rule, judgment, order, ordinance, decree, status, approval, directive, directive, any other state restriction or similar state restriction or any similar form of state decision or disposition or any interpretation, policy or administration having the legal force of a government authority competent in this matter, either at the time of entry into force or after.